Brief history about our suppliers.


Alpha Industries


Alpha Industries was founded as an outfitter of the American military in 1959. Soon the first-class quality of the clothing became known also outside the military and thus the label from Virginia also gained many new fans. The MA-1 bomber jacket, the CWU-45/P fighter pilot jacket and the M-65 field jacket belong to the most well-known products of the brand. Besides the classic military jackets, Alpha Industries now designs t-shirts, jumpers, athletic jackets and athletic pants as well as a large collection of other men's wear which is inspired by the military look. There's been a large demand Alpha Industries wear in the last years, and not only in the hip hop scene. More and more people are valuing the dynamic look and first-class quality of the American label.




Hi-Tec Sports was founded in 1974 in the aptly named Shoeburyness in Essex. Their first model was especially designed for the rapidly growing sport, squash. With over 18 million pairs sold, the Hi-Tec SQUASH was one of the most successful designs in the history of sports shoes. Meanwhile, Hi-Tec began designing shoes for numerous outdoor sports such as football, running and many others - and were met with great success. Hi-Tec's aim is to help athletes to get the most out of their lives and, to this end, Hi-Tec develops superior shoes that radiate ingenious functionality and rigorous construction.




Magnum Boots are a sub-division of the global footwear giant Hi-Tec Sports, originally founded in 1974 by Frank Van Wezel. 
The first Magnum boots were developed for use at the FBI Training Center in Virginia back in 1982. 
Until that point officers had been wearing the Hi-Tec Sierra boot, but there was an increasing demand for an all black, high top, polishable toe version. This led to the first athletically designed tactical boot, named the "Hi-Tec Magnum". 
Further designs were slowly introduced until a fully fledged range of Magnum boots was introduced in 1992. 
Finally in 2002, Magnum seperated to become a stand alone brand in it's own right.




Sturm Handels GmbH was founded in 1971 in Rottenburg/Neckar, and has been selling mainly military clothing and equipment. In 1983, Sturm started the US branch.