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Dymo Rhino Pro Heat Shrink Tube Label 9mm x 1,5m Black on Yellow

€ 34,71  
(exc VAT)

Model DYM-18054
Brand DYMO
Colour Black on Yellow
Type Rhino
Material Heat Shrink Tube
Stock In Stock

9mm Heat Shrink Tubes from Dymo lets you customize heat shrink tubing with your own labels. Instead of having to attach an additional label to a heat-shrunk tube, simply print using any Rhino printer and apply it to the desired area.

For machine: Dymo Rhino 1000, Dymo Rhino 3000, Dymo Rhino 4200, Dymo Rhino 5000, Dymo Rhino 5200, Dymo Rhino 6000, Dymo ILP 219, 3M PL100, 3M PL150, 3M PL200, 3M PL300

Key Features

Brand DYMO
Colour Black on Yellow
Size 9mm x 1,5m
Packing 1 pc

Available codes: DYM-S0718440 , DYM-S0718510 , DYM-S0718580